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Nano Characterization Lab

  • Nano characterization lab is performing various research and developments including synthesis, analysis, commercialization, to develop nano structures and apply them for industry.
    Materials mainly focused are graphene and ZnO nanowire, which are fabricated by mechanical exfoliation or CVD. Using various SPM techniques (AFM, STM), Raman spectroscopy, and SEM, samples are measured and analyzed. We are studying not only next-generation cutting-edge technology like graphene nano-device, but also current industrial research project such as smart window and graphene speaker, simultaneously. That is, our research includes core technologies such as nano-synthesis, process development, nano-characterization, and fabrication of device, and covers all types of nanotechnologies from basic science and original technology to commercialization.

  • Performing BK21plus project (Sep. 2013 to Feb. 2020)

    The research team "Study on the organic-inorganic hybrid materials based on nanotechnology"in Sejong Univ. was awarded as BK21plus core team research project, which nano characterization lab (P.I.: Yongho Seo) is attending. Research funding for graduate students' personnel expenses and for attending internation conference are supported.

  • "Graphene Research Institute" in Sejong Univ. selected as Core Research Institutes
    Supported by Korean Ministry of Education for reinforcing infrastructure of reseach-based university.
    Period : 2010-2019 (9 years)
    Research equipments and postdoctoral funding are provided for this project.

  • News article "Nanolithography prepares graphene devices" was released:
    Recent research results published on Nanotechnology was highlighted on a free access website (to nanotechweb.org) Nanolithography prepares graphene devices (Methyl alcohol speeds up etching of graphite and permits narrow line widths under controlled conditions) ... updated on Sep. 8 2011.

Address: Room # 401, Dasan-kwan, Sejong university 98 Gunja-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
Department of Nano Science and Technology, Sejong University.