Prof. Hee-Suk Pang (방희석)

   Department of Electrical Engineering
   Sejong University
   Choongmoo-Gwan 406B
   Tel) 82-2-3408-3727
   Fax) 82-2-3408-4329
   E-mail: hspang AT


- B.E.: 1994, Seoul National University

- M.E.: 1996, Seoul National University

- Ph.D.: 2001, Seoul National University


- Senior/Chief Research Engineer: Mar. 2001 ~ Feb. 2008, DM Research Lab., LG Electronics

- Assistant/Associate Professor: Since Mar. 2008, Sejong University

<Research interests>

- Acoustics, Signal Processing

<Work Experiences>

- Implementation of audio and speech codecs (HE-AAC, OggVorbis, AMR, AMR-WB, G.723.1, 

13k-QCELP) for mobile phones on platforms TI-55x, Renesas, and ARM9 (LGE)

- Standardization of MPEG audio including MPEG Surround, SAOC, and Unified Speech and

Audio Coding (LGE)

- Optimized implementation of the MPEG4 SLS decoder for ARM-based smartphones (KETI)

- Development of virtual listening environments for mobile phones (Samsung)

- Multi-channel sound field reproduction using multiple microphones (ETRI)

- Ultra-realistic acoustic interactive communication on next generation internet (NRF)

- Development of multi-channel audio format conversion software (ETRI)

- Development of a high resolution audio conversion algorithm (LGE)


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<Spring 2018>

  1. 멀티미디어설계
    소개, Ch4(추가자료), 프로젝트지침서, 발표자료샘플
  2. 캡스톤디자인A
    소개프로젝트지침서, 보고서/발표자료샘플

Professional Membership and Activities

- Member of AES, IEICE, ASK, KSBE, and IEEK

- Associate Editor of JASK (Musical Acoustics and Psychoacoustics)

- Best paper award of JASK (2009)