"Mesoscopic Physics" refers to the physics of condensed matters of which size range from nanometer to micrometer. What is special for this length is that most fundamental size scales of the interaction in condensed matters fall in between these length scales. In such small structures, classical effects are replaced by quantum effects; conductance is not continuous but quantized, electrons transmit one by one in a transistor, all transport coefficients show quantum interference effects, and so on.

"Nanotechnology" refers to the technology that can produce nanometer size structures, so it provides devices or samples for Mesoscopic Physics. To date nanotechnology is an issue in both Engineering and Physics. Only interdisciplinary focusing would bloom into the future nanotechnology that brings such wonders as supercomputers that fits on a hair, micro robots that perform a complicated surgery in the blood vessels, and a single atomic electronic component.

Research Interests
  • Single Electron Tunneling
  • Coulomb blockade in a quantum dot
  • Magnetic thin film
  • Fundamental size in the Kondo effect
  • Thermoelectric effect of spin glass nanowires
  • Superconductor & Magnetism
  • Andreev reflection in a normal metal/superconductor nanointerface
  • Quantum interference effects of thermopower
  • High speed switching measurements of Superconducting Memory Devices

Nano Engineering
  • Optical nanolithography
  • Electron beam lithography
  • Focused ion beam technology
  • Next generation microprocessing
  • Development of MRAM prototype
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